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Aminda Suomalainen 0199acd570
editorconfig: don't trim trailing whitespace
Markdown allows two trailing whitespaces to have a line change within a paragraph
4 months ago
2017-2018 Correct new year meeting notes to new directory 4 years ago
2018-2019 Add conclusion from meetings of the year 2019. 3 years ago
2019-2020 Add annual meeting notes 2 years ago
2021-2022 Create 2021-12-18_vuosikokous-2021-pk 1 year ago
2022 2022: add 2023-01-22_pinu-vuosikokous-2023-pk.txt & detached PGP signature 5 months ago
.editorconfig editorconfig: don't trim trailing whitespace 4 months ago
.gitattributes add minimal .{editorconfig,gitattributes} for line normalisation 4 months ago