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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import datetime
import django
from django.db import models
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
class AuditTable(models.Model):
""" Translation table for names of audited tables
name = models.CharField(_('Table name'), max_length=150)
class Meta:
unique_together = (('name',),)
class AuditField(models.Model):
""" Audited fields in the table.
table = models.ForeignKey(AuditTable, verbose_name=_('Audited table'), on_delete=models.PROTECT)
name = models.CharField(_('Field name'), max_length=150)
class Meta:
unique_together = (('table','name',),)
class AuditLog(models.Model):
""" Track changes in records. """
ts = models.DateTimeField(_('Timestamp'),
null=False, editable=False)
tnum = models.IntegerField(_('Transaction number'), default = "-1",
null=False, editable=False)
""" This number is unique within one AuditContext run. """
user_id = models.IntegerField(verbose_name=_('User ID'),
null=True, editable=False)
""" The user who performed this action. None, if unknown.
The ID stored is the user-id from the get_user_model() table. Due to
circular reference, when auditing get_user_model() table, this is just
plain integer, not ForeignKey.
table = models.ForeignKey(AuditTable, verbose_name=_('Audited table'), on_delete=models.PROTECT,
null=False, editable=False)
fld = models.ForeignKey(AuditField, verbose_name=_('Audited field'), on_delete=models.PROTECT,
null=False, editable=False)
rid = models.IntegerField(_('Table record ID'),
null=False, editable=False)
val = models.CharField(_('Field value'), max_length=500, null=True)
""" The latest value is stored in the actual model table. This value
is the previous one.
The store timestamp is the last Datetime when the value Val was valid.
class Meta:
ordering = ('ts', 'tnum',)
""" We order by transaction start timestamp, then by 'tnum', because
a nested transaction can be saved earlier than the parent object.