8 Quickstart
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The following is hints on how to get started with this network.


Please consider registering your nickname in order to benefit of the integrated bouncer and other modern features: /MSG NICKSERV REGISTER PASSWORDHERE EMAIL@EXAMPLE.NET


Login is best done by using SASL to ensure you get access to your registered NickName. Libera Chat has the most comprehensive documentation on how to enable it at https://libera.chat/guides/sasl

TIP: add @identifier e.g. @PhoneClient after your (SASL) username to separate the different locations/clients and utilise client-specific playback buffers. This will also stop repeating messages (as long as you won't change the @identifier)!

If SASL isn't supported, set server password (PASS command) as username@identifier:password, it should be supported by all clients.

Integrated bouncer

As a registered user, should you wish, you can configure the network to allow you to receive channel/private messages even when you have no clients connected. This is known as a bouncer.

Keep your nickname connected and receiving messages: /MSG NICKSERV SET ALWAYS-ON ON

TIP: If your client supports ZNC's Playback module, it will automatically handle receiving only missed lines. See also https://wiki.znc.in/Playback#Supported_clients for list of them and scripts. TIP: If you are running a relaybot, you WANT TO USE @CLIENTID IN SASL USERNAME to avoid repeating messages and ignore HistServ which only includes automated state change messages.

Yggdrasil access

This server can be accessed through Yggdrasil network on irc://[201:11e5:29f8:f846:e407:e003:a681:98d2]:6667 (we cannot provide TLS certificate, but Yggdrasil is end-to-end encrypted and considered as a secure connection by the IRCd).

Tor access

Registered Tor users can connect to the server by using SASL. Tor onion service will be implemented in the future.

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