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Saluton kaj bonvenon al mian Forĝejo/Gitea-profilon!

My Forĝejo home is on, but you may also be reading this on a mirror.

Seeing that you are here, you must be looking for projects that I am active with:

  • I am a member of (Pirate Party of Finland) ICT team maintaining our instances of Matterbridge, Forĝejo, presenting us in PirateIRC and often communicating with the upstream projects, our users or other Pirate Parties.
  • I am a FluffyChat moderator at Matrix, helping when I can in the rooms and occassionally contributing to documentation either within FluffyChat or wider Matrix ecosystem (where some would swear that I am everywhere 😉). I am also a Finnish localizer for FluffyChat and Nheko.
  • You may also find me in other projects reporting or commenting on issues, discussions, contributing to Finnish localisations or documentation (in-tree, wiki, or something else), chatting on project spaces regardless of platform (maybe even as a moderator), advocating for a project in fitting situation or otherwise doing something small that needs doing such as occassional OpenStreetMap contribution.

Personal repository summary

As you may have noticed, I am not the person to ask for when you want a coder, but I may be the person for sysadmin tasks, software testing, documentation writer, link between your developers and community, or something more that doesn't fit small introduction or a neat box 😃