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@ -40,6 +40,21 @@ control what people do with the signatures from this repository).
* `me/me.asc` is just my key and place where I try to keep all signatures it
has received. Symlinks are legacy reasons and other me's are also me.
## Places to check for keys
* GitHub, Gitea and GitLab expose user public keys when you append a `.gpg`
after their profile page (`.keys` for SSH).
* [The Internet Archive's Waybackmachine]( is always
a good place too especially when using together with official websites.
* Some people have similar projects or webpages for this purpose
* [Artemis' verify page](
* [Jonah Aragon's Third Party Public Keys page](
## Mirrors
* main: [](
* [](
## See also
* [Qubes OS: On Digital Signatures and Key Verification](