Järkevämpään paikkaan ajan kanssa siirtyvä katsaus polytilanteesta piraattimaailmalla ja mahdollisesti esitys miten Suomen Piraatit voivat asiaa paremmin tuoda esille
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I happened to ask about stances of European Pirates towards polyamory during their first online council meeting

  • PPEU - no common policy, but there is interest towards European policy
  • PPIT - yes (may have something in agenda)
  • PPCZ - yes (may have something in agenda)
  • PPIS - will ping me if they find their material in "elvish" about it (which some translator can hopefully turn into understandable format for me)
  • PPFI - that's us! not sure if officially or mentioned anywhere, but informally yes
  • PPFR - someone would like to promote the topic there