note that Gitea supports SSH commit signing

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Aminda Suomalainen 6 months ago
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Signed by: Aminda Suomalainen
SSH Key Fingerprint: SHA256:CXLULpqNBdUKB6E6fLA1b/4SzG0HvKD19PbIePU175Q
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@ -42,8 +42,7 @@ would understand `--` before the file, but not enough to actually try it :smiley
### Forge support
* [Merged Gitea PR for add support for ssh commit signing](
* TODO: link to their blog once it's released
* 🥇 [Gitea v1.16.0 released 2022-01-30 (release notes)]( brought support for SSH signed commits. TODO: Add a link to their blog somewhere on this line once one exists.
* [GitHub feedback: Allow using SSH keys to sign commits](
* TODO: notify here when it actually works, link to their guide or maybe remove the section?
* [GitLab issues: Support for SSH signed commits](