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Aminda Suomalainen 7 months ago
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Signed by: Aminda Suomalainen
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# authorized_signers file for SSH
# allowed_signers file for SSH/git
Git 2.34 brings support for signing commits with SSH key and having a SSH-compatible
smartcard, I have to try this. It likely getting more common in the future doesn't
hurt either and I have [pgp-alt-wot](
which does about the same for PGP.
## Where to find keys
* GitHub, Giteas and GitLabs expose user public keys when you append a .keys after their profile page
* Good ideas are made to be copied, so maybe there will be more repositories like this ;)
## Further reading
* [Caleb Hearth: Signing Git Commits with Your SSH Key](, [](, inspired me to try this
* [GitHub feedback: Allow using SSH keys to sign commits](
* TODO: notify here when it actually works, link to their guide or maybe remove the section?
* [Merged Gitea PR for add support for ssh commit signing](
* TODO: link to their blog once it's released
* [Fedora update request for git](
* TODO: remove this mention when it happens? It does have the test instructions I took