[Mirror] SSH public keys including those for verifying my commits
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allowed_signers file for SSH/git

Git 2.34 brings support for signing commits with SSH key and having a SSH-compatible smartcard, I have to try this. It likely getting more common in the future doesn't hurt either and I have pgp-alt-wot which does about the same for PGP.

Where to find keys

Quick howto

I don't mean this to be used directly, only to be took inspiration from. See the first link in further reading.

mkdir -p ~/src/gitea.blesmrt.net/Mikaela
cd ~/src/gitea.blesmrt.net/Mikaela
git clone https://gitea.blesmrt.net/Mikaela/ssh-allowed_signers.git
git config --global gpg.ssh.allowedSignersFile ~/src/gitea.blesmrt.net/Mikaela/ssh-allowed_signers/allowed_signers

Git commands, such as git verify-commit --raw HEAD or git log --show-signature, should now recognised commits signed with keys I have allowed. In the last command it's fine to remove --global to only affect the single repository you are on (while I haven't tested this), should that repository be something only I am signing in or something I need to verify otherwise enough to list it here.

On the last command, git config turns it into absolute path, while manually edited .gitconfig can literally have the above. I wonder if the command would understand -- before the file, but not enough to actually try it 😃


Further reading

Forge support